Risk Management, Modeling, Finance & Governance

Risk Management, Modeling,
Finance and Governance

Our Services

Let us help you balance risk management and strategic planning.

We have broad and deep experience in asset-liability management, structural interest rate risk management, and valuation, including modeling; stress testing and scenario analysis; and validation. This experience includes enterprise-wide stress tests across all trading and banking activities, counterparty credit models, and valuation of standard and highly unusual instruments−all with heavy regulatory scrutiny.

Save time and money using our expertise and practical insights.

We’re here to provide informed advice and state-of-the-art techniques to generate a complete and foolproof CECL models, or more broadly, to develop and execute a loss-forecasting framework that incorporates both expected loss and stress testing. We have innovative and intuitive methodologies and experience with a variety of commercial loss forecasting platforms as well as our own parallel, loss-forecasting framework to verify black box platform outputs.

Let us help you turn mandatory risk reporting into data & risk governance that gives you a competitive edge.

We can write each component of an overall governance framework to turn regulatory guidance into consistent, repeatable actions. Successful model governance can consistently guide your firm in making compliant, transparent, cost-effective models, whether they’re built internally or provided by vendors. We build all parts of an effective and efficient model risk management program to easily meets supervisory expectations, and do it cost-effectively. Our experts can help you turn what too frequently is mere risk reporting into true, sound risk management that leads to prevention, insurance, or contingency actions.

Turn your development expenses into development investments & assets.


Our team can validate to a firm’s existing policies and procedures or develop a SR-11-17 compliant governance framework of policies and procedures. Our vast experience in model validation provides time-saving, valuable insight into a firm’s existing procedures or models, while ensuring the most cost-effective models and development procedures are used. We start with two important questions – (1) Is the math right? (2) Is it the right math? 

Internal Audit

We are here to help any internal audit department to fulfill regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities related to

  1. Model Risk Management
  2. Stress Testing
  3. General Risk Management

We competently assess all functions, including model governance – as governance without appropriate, technically-inclined validation is no governance at all.

With methodical development, nothing is thrown away and everything can be reused.

Most serious financial modeling is as much research as development. That’s why our methods are transparent, and why what’s not used is frequently valuable in the future. Our rigorous, disciplined approach includes concurrently documenting our work−including design and construction efforts−as well as (seemingly) dead-ends. This approach helps build your firm’s institutional knowledge.

We offer valuable coaching, training, and recruiting services from experts with vast hands-on experience.


Are you managing “quants” or otherwise in an oversight role? Are you responsible for complicated models and feeling overwhelmed? We can be the advantage that you seek, and develop your self-confidence so that you credibly describe and explain important models and methodologies to your board of directors, senior executives or regulators.


Does your organization need a custom course on stress-testing, scenario analysis, or model risk management, including development, validation or governance? Our award-winning instructors can economically design and deliver this material to the highest standards.

Recruiting & Vetting

We can improve your odds of success at recruiting and retention–in both traditional ways, like vetting, and less traditional, like training. We add value by turning our work into your firm’s institutional knowledge and can fill-the-gapby training your inexperienced workers when they work closely with our team.

Our philosophy is best represented by Leonardo da Vinci’s quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Our solutions are not simplistic but robust, intuitive, appropriate, and explainable.

Our quantitative and analytical skills help make us industry-leading risk managers. Knowing both the business and the math–the practical and the technical–make us efficient and transparent communicators, regardless of the audience–from board members to junior analysts.

We create value by providing solutions that will grow with you–whether you are under the $10 billion stress testing threshold, have $100 billion FR Y-14 requirements on the horizon–or need a fresh, expert eye to review an ongoing CECL or CCAR program. We leverage broad and deep industry and regulatory experience, advanced analytics, unique development capabilities, and proven implementation strategies to build your institutional knowledge.